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What an Amazing Year We’ve Had!


What an Amazing Year We’ve Had! It was an absolute honor to sponsor events held throughout the city of Chicago and Suburbs. In 2016 we donated more than $6000 in wine alone!

Here?s a look back at the faces and places of 2016 for Piperfield Wines. We?d like to take this opportunity to say, how grapeful we are to have such amazing supporters. Melissa Cornfield not only ran our social media campaigns, but she literally ran for us, too! Melissa completed her first 10k at the Pride Run and we couldn?t be more proud of her!

What an Amazing Year We've Had
What an Amazing Year We’ve Had


We are currently working on our 2017 calendar. If you have a local event that you?d like us to sponsor, please email us with your request at

At the year?s end, it is with some sadness, but mostly excitement that we are saying goodbye to the name ?Piperfield Wines.? This was a hard decision to make, but we feel strongly that our new name more accurately describes who we are, and what we?re about. Say hello to the Grateful Grapes Wine Company! We?ve already been using the ?Grateful Grapes? name for our charitable component, so hopefully the transition will be as silky smooth as our 5k Cabernet.

Speaking of charity, Grateful Grapes Wine Company?s mission is to Be ?Grapeful?, by giving back through sponsoring charity driven, small community events, and donating 5% of all profits to local small charities. We?re juiced to announce that we?ve chosen the recipient of our charitable giving campaign! The Martello Family of Morris IL, who you can learn more about at by clicking Here for?their Facebook Page. Sometimes bad things do happen to good people. We?re so grateful to be able to help them!

We cannot thank all of you enough for your support! Cheers to our dear friends and family, who drove 45 min to buy our wine, when it wasn?t available in their area! Cheers to our volunteers for pouring at our events! Cheers to the event managers, who work so hard all year to raise awareness and funds for great causes.

And at last, the pi?ce de r?sistance! Ta freaking da, our new logo! Ben Moreno has killed it once again with his mad graphic design skills. Thank you Ben!

What an Amazing Year We've Had
What an Amazing Year We’ve Had

Stay safe and a very Happy New Year everyone!

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