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The Chicago Marathon Gets Juicy!

The Chicago Marathon Expo on Oct 5th and 6th gets juicy this fall! Their background checks must be sub par. We have a great crew ready to rock, and we will be selling our Marathon Sparkling,??5k and 10k wines with onsite engraving! This is an amaZING keepsake. Buy 2 and you can keep one and drink one! Look for our Vintage Horse Trailer Mobile Bar, you can’t miss it. These sales will enable us to support smaller events held throughout Chicagoland and help our chosen family for 2018 the Zappaignas.

Ahem, 5k wines will also be served in the Chicago Marathon VIP Tent. That’s write Chi Town is gettin classy! A 5k is a piece of cake for these marathoners, so I imagine they’ll be going through some wine 🙂

How can you get your filthy hands on this wine you say?

Due to your competitive nature, if you’d like to be ahead of the pack, feel free to pre-order by calling us @800-275-4112. We’ll have it ready for pickup at the Expo. Pre-orders receive special pricing and a special gift, and by special we don’t mean a magnet. Well, it might be a magnet, do people still like magnets?? Note to self: remember to order magnets.

Dawn C. completed her Marathon in 2010. What an achievement, I can’t even walk that far. She’s always amazed me with her determination. She didn’t start running until her forties, which is about the time I formed cankles. Sponsoring the Chicago Marathon CARA VIP Event in 2016 was my first time at the Marathon. I couldn’t get over the spectrum of ages, sizes, shapes and colors. Spectacular. Our Marathon Sparkling label was designed to artistically showcase the colorfulness of the crowd against the magnificent Chicago Skyline.

If a Marathon is on your bucket list, joining an organization like Chicago Area Runners Association can really help get you on the right track. We love that CARA is a non profit.?

I did a short FAQ with Dawn to get her quips on running the Chicago Marathon:?

  1. Did you regret anything? Yes, I was cheap and I didn’t buy any memorabilia. Buy our wine people! No regrets!
  2. Is nipple chaffing a real thing? Yes.
  3. Did you make eye contact with anyone on the course? Yes, Ryan Gosling, he’s been stalking me for a while.
  4. Did you use gels? Refer to question number one.
  5. What was the first thing you ate afterward, please say snot. Cheeseburger
  6. Do you think I’ll ever run a Marathon? Ugh, no.

Commemorate your achievement with something out of the ordinary. Nothing says Congrats like bubbles and great wine!

Come and see us at the Expo! Giving Back Never Tasted So Good!

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