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Quotes that help you combine your love for Running and Wine

I recently participated in a 5k event with a wine theme. This event wasn’t charity driven or timed, so it was what I consider to be a “Fun Run.”
The event offered some sweet swag and I especially liked the T-shirts. Here were some of my favs.

  • Will Run for Wine
  • NOVINOPHOBIA: The Fear of Running out of Wine
  • Wine Keeps Me Running
  • Run Now Wine Later
  • Running and Wine- Cheaper then Therapy
  • Running Out for Wine is My Cardio
  • Is there wine at the finish line?
  • I run because I really like Wine
  • Running keeps me busy until it is acceptable to drink wine
  • Keep up to Drink up
  • Run more AND drink more wine
  • Race then taste
  • Wine at the finish line!

Please share some of your T-shirt favs whether it be about wine, running or combining the two.

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