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We are ridiculously excited to announce our involvement with LUNAFEST this year. We’ve joined forces with Fork in the Road Catering of Plainfield to Co-Host this women to women empowering event. This is our first rodeo, so expect next year to rock harder.

The History of LUNAFEST: Award Wining Films by, for, and about Women

LUNAFEST has been around for 17 years, providing a unique platform for women, in the film making industry. Maybe you aren’t aware of the lack of female representation in this industry. All it takes is a trip to IMBD to confirm the tipped scales of justice. Luna has always believed in the power of women. From the beginning, we knew women had a role to play in shaping the future of the film industry so in 2000, LUNAFEST was born.

LUNAFEST was the first all-women traveling film festival to hit the screens and amplify the voices of strong women everywhere. The first event was a small, but hopeful, screening in California. Today, there are screenings in more than 175 cities across the nation where the work of talented women filmmakers are showcased.

Kit Crawford, CLIF & Co Chief Visionary Officer, and LUNA Bar founder, has always been a champion behind the festival, who insists on ?telling stories that have to be told.?

There are 2.13 male short-film directors for every 1 female director. 2.13 male voices to every 1 female heard. 2.13 male stories to every 1 not yet told.

Lunafest by the numbers:
*4.1M raised
*145 featured filmmakers
*1,646 screenings hosted
*100% donated to charity

The Main Event ~ What to Expect

We’ve put our own spin on the Oscars, by naming our big night, “The Oeno Awards”. Oeno is the goddess of wine. We’ve asked our guests to don black for the evening as a show of solidarity. The Venue is the one and only Warehouse 109 where all the cool kids hang out. This space is beyond, and one of these days, the Olsen family is going to find me locked in after hours listening to Clayton’s jazz and helping myself to their over the top stocked bar.

Upon entering, our guests will enjoy a perfectly poured glass of our new Marathon Sparkling, along with a popcorn bar (nothing goes better with popcorn than sparkling. truth.) courtesy of Fork in the Road, and tasty tidbits provided by Fork in the Road and Wine and Cheese by TCC. Cash bar will be available and it will not disappoint.

We’ll be watching 90 minutes of Award Wining short films and then our guests will be able to cast a ballot for their favorite.

We’ll end the night by introducing our benefactor Guardian Angel Community Services and a few of our event sponsors.

Guardian Angel Community Services is an amazing refuge for adults and children who are victims of all forms of abuse. Our vision is to become a leading service provider to help our clients take control of their own lives. Changing and Saving lives since 1897! They offer Adult Protective Services, Exchange Club Parenting Classes, Foster Care, Groundwork Domestic Violence Program, Hispanic Outreach Program, Partner Abuse Intervention, Prevention Education, Professional Training, Sexual Assault Service Center, Suzy’s Caring Place.

Please see Here for ticket information.

With Enlightenment Comes Trauma

Women in film is one of those things that most of us don’t notice or give much thought to growing up. Don’t you miss being a naivete? Remember when you didn’t know that women didn’t make the same pay as men, holding the exact same position with the exact same level of experience?

The tide is changing and it can be scary as shit. But, we are all in this together. On the other side of this, there will be the dawn of a new day, a new world, and that’s so exciting.

If you’re still not sure what the fuss is all about please watch this TED talk on What’s it’s like to be a Woman in Hollywood.

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