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New Fitness Trackers Might Be Too Smart!

No one has invented a fitness/wine tracker yet, but here are a few of the newer fitness trackers worth looking into.

First though, there is a service called Lumoid, which allows you to try out 5 different trackers for 2 weeks for only $25. The fee is waived if you buy one of them. This is genius! How many pedometers have you bought over the years, only to wear them for a week then try and pawn them off on some sucker at your garage sale?

Whether you’re a noob or a seasoned athlete, there’s a tracker with your tread on it. Here’s a few top rated gems:

Fitbit Surge
Basis Peak
Mio Fuse
Fitbit Charge HR
Garmin Vivoactive
Garmin Geosmart

Food for thought, a tracker can’t track what you don’t do. Trust me, I’ve tried everything. Driving or shaking it doesn’t rack up steps or miles like good old fashion exercise. When all else fails, you can strap one of these babies onto a toddler, sit back and enjoy some wine. ☺

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