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5k Chardonnay at Chicago Marathon VIP Experience

Hey there! We had a blast supporting the CARA VIP Experience at the Chicago Marathon. This was an early am curtain call, so we went with a 5k Chardonnay white wine punch that was light and lively! It was truly inspiring to see people of all ages pushing themselves to the limit. There was a ton of family support for these runners. CARA did a great job of organizing this event. There were complimentary massages, real toilets, snacks, beverages, beer and of course our 5K Chardonnay wine punch! A few fun facts: If you get into an elevator with 5 or so runners who have just crossed the finish line, chances are it’s going to be a bit ripe in there, maybe take the stairs 🙂 I would definitely consider staying at the Palmer House for this run. The executive floor has a fantastic breakfast and there’s no noise past 10pm. Did I mention the Starbucks inside??

Even though Dawn and I didn’t run, we really got our work out moving 10 gallons of punch from a parking garage across the street, into the Palmer House Hotel. The elevator broke, and we were almost stuck. I should have taken a picture of us with that crazy cart loaded up, how we didn’t lose it on the curb, I’ll never know! I admire Dawn C’s confidence most of the time, but sometimes it terrifies me!

Our #1 fan James Lovaas and his beautiful wife Susan popped in for a quick interview, which I’ve been reluctant to post. Let’s just say, I won’t be quitting my day job any time soon. James was super nice and we really can’t thank him enough for all of his support. James and his brother have started their own YouTube channel Fancy Schmancy Wino. Please check it out. James is new to the wine world, so he has a uniquely fresh perspective. Not to mention, he jumps out of planes 🙂

So here it goes, talent agencies please direct all calls to 800wino 🙂 Till next time…DP


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