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A New Year’s Evolution: Marathon Semi~Dry Sparkling Wine Has Arrived!

Marathon Semi~Dry Sparkling Wine

Life is a Marathon, stay the course, steady the pace and only drink what you love.

Go the Distance.

It?s here!! Finally, a sparkling that doesn?t taste like club soda. It’s time, isn’t it? It’s time for Sparkling to evolve. Marathon Semi~Dry Sparkling dazzles the eyes with a gorgeous golden hue, intoxicating luscious bubbles are interlaced with fresh apples and a hint of orange. Mommy like. The finish on this sparkling is just beyond, no yeast, no toast, as clean as my bank account on the day after Christmas.

The label is way better than we could have ever imagined. The undeniably talented Ben Moreno came through once again, bringing our abstract Marathon Race to life featuring the Chicago Skyline. MPI labels nailed it! Thank you to John Holley for being so jolly during the ?We don?t know what the blank we?re doing,? phase. And a very special thanks to Aaron and Jim at Fenn for their guidance, assistance and patience.

We are hitting the streets Bob Crachet style, trying to get Marathon Sparkling on the shelf and behind the bar. If you know of a place that is in need of a great sparkling, please reach out. Sparklings shouldn?t suck.

The following link is a nice little read on the differences between Champagne, Cava, Prosecco etc.

Our bubbles were born in the USA, Suttons Bay Michigan. Surprise! It’s a Semi~Dry Riesling! We know, crazy right? You thought Rieslings had to be sweet, right? A Dry Riesling can have a similar taste profile as a Chenin Blanc, Albarino, Loureiro or even Torrentes.

If you are wondering, how can I tell if a Riesling will be sweet or dry? 2 words: Alcohol Content. The higher the alcohol content the drier.

Here’s a little low down on where dry Rieslings can be found.? No reason to snob this gem of a varietal!

  • Alsace, France: This tiny French region is obsessed with Dry Riesling and has 51 Grand Cru vineyards, making some of the most coveted dry Riesling wines in the world.
  • Nieder?sterrich, Austria:?Riesling is ubiquitous in Austria, though often over-shadowed by the proficiently grown, Gr?ner Veltliner?grape. Austrians favor drier styles of Riesling. Although not always easy to find world-wide, award-winning dry Rieslings from the regions of Kremstal, Kamptal and Wachau are particularly worth seeking out.
  • South Australia: Clare and Eden Valleys in South Australia make lean, lime-driven Rieslings that when aged, gain smoky, diesel-like notes.
  • Washington, New York, British Columbia and Niagara Escarpment: For North American dry Riesling you?ll find these northern latitude regions leading the way with exceptional quality Riesling wines. For the most part, look for wines labeled ?dry? on the label.
  • Germany: The word ?Trocken? on the label means ?dry? and you?ll find a great number of the driest styles coming from the Rheingau and Pfalz regions. Additionally, wineries that are part of the VDP classification system are often made in drier styles, you can read more about VDP here.


Bring On The Dry Riesling

Marathon Semi~Dry Sparkling Wine pairs well with Beef Curry, any white fish that features lime or jalapeno. Popcorn. Fried Chicken. More Sparkling. The following list, compliments of Wine Folly is pretty comprehensive:

Meat Pairings: Duck, Pork, Bacon, Chicken, Shrimp, and Crab

Spices and Herbs: Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Cinnamon, Allspice, Tumeric, Madras Curry, Sichuan Pepper, Shallots, Soy Sauce, Sesame, Marjoram, Basil, Rice Vinegar, and Teriyaki Sauce.

Cheese Pairings:? Delicately flavored soft cow?s milk cheese and dried fruit. If you can find a cheese laden with ginger, go for it!

Vegetables: Roasted vegetables and veggies with natural sweetness including Coconut, Red Onion, Bell Pepper, Eggplant, Tempeh, Squash, and Carrot.

?Now that you’re ready to run out and buy our bubbles, let?s talk about preserving them. I had no idea Le Creuset was in the game, but by golly, if this is half as good as their cookware, I?m in. Has anyone tried this one? The only downside we see to this model is, if you wanted to lay the bottle on its side, it might prove difficult. Our fridge is always on overload, so this would definitely be a point of contention for us. $39.95


This sexy Cilio is the best looking of the crew and with?697 reviews on Amazon, it?s worth a look-see. Supposedly you can lay this one down on it?s side to store and it won’t leak. $9.95

Cilio Sparkling Wine Sealer

The Winco is the style I currently own. Not sure if it’s the same manufacturer, but very similar. This bad boy works way better than expected, so hold on tight when releasing the kraken! $7

Winco Sparkling Wine Sealer

My final selection is pretty unique looking. Please share your experience if you?ve encountered this model, I?m super curious. $14.99

Avina Sparkling Wine Sealer
Avina Sparkling Wine Sealer


We?d love to hear your favs and how long your bubbles lasted using one of these devices.


Sidebar: We are working on our annual event calendar now, so if you?d like to have us sponsor, please reach out via the contact us form.

Have a safe and Happy New Year! We take Sparkling Safety Seriously. Please, use care when opening any sparkling. There’s a few disturbing aspects to the following video. If you can point out all of them, you will be eligible to win a sparkling sealer! Email us with your answers! Besides that, the video does contain some good info.

**As always 5% of all Marathon profits will be donated to local charities, and we don?t receive any type of compensation from the writing of this blog. Really who would pay us? We can barely write!


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