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Being Grapeful

Giving Back Never Tasted So Good!

Here at Grateful Grapes Headquarters (aka Dawn C’s kitchen table or Dawn P’s tiny but mighty in home office), our passion lies in supporting the efforts of others kicking ass to make a difference. Think of us as the Oompa Loompas to the Willy Wonka’s of charity work.

How do we do this, you ask? We load up our vintage horse trailer mobile wine bar, and tap into our mad bar-tending skillz to provide a tasty and fun element to charity events for free! We also donate product to charity events that don’t have horse stalls, lol.

Here’s a tasting of causes we have supported with our 5k, 10k and Marathon wines:

•  Chicago Legal Aid •  TPAN
•  St. Baldricks Bolingbrook •  Plainfield Lunafest
•  Greysoncan •  Day of the Dead 5k
•  Zero Prostrate Run •  The Human Race
•  Parents Alliance Employment Project •  Parent Teen Connection
•  Schoop Scoot •  Keep Swimming Foundation
•  Super Manny Shuffle •  CAND
•  Run4Sam •  Delta Institute

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