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Being Grapeful on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a beautiful reminder that we are loved. It’s hard not to be extremely grateful when we find ourselves surrounded by friends and family. A sweet ass way to be “Grapeful” on your wedding day is to serve wines that give back. Ok, not any wines. Serve our wines of course. But seriously, if your friends and family are as pickled as mine, you’ll be giving back in a big way! Our new Marathon Sparkling is a crowd pleaser. Even those wine lovers who are not a fan of bubbles, are praising it’s deliciousness.With 6 varietals to chose from, it’s easy to accommodate all of your guests preferences.

There are some spirit companies out there that give back also. Snow Leopard vodka is made from spelt and it’s dedicated to leopard preservation. More here:

There are a lot of other ways to give back on your big day. Work with local businesses that give back to their communities. If you think about it, between the caterer, bakery, print shop, DJ and florist etc. you’ll be racking up big time “giving back” juju in no time.

There is a shit ton of good info out there regarding giving back while planning a wedding. We’d love to hear if some of you have implemented any of these ideas and how they worked out.

Supporting businesses who care about their community is a great way to start off your married life!

Slide 11 of 12: It's easy to immediately jump to a well-known brand or company for your wedding day details, but small and local businesses can do just as great of a job. They're more likely to mold to your needs, allowing you to personalize your wedding exactly as you envision.


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