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Falling for Fall

I absolutely love Fall. I love all the seasons, but Fall is by far my fav. This is the time of year when I switch from white wine to red. I?m not sure why. We had unusually warm weather this week, and I found myself going back to white, so I?m guessing it?s a temperature thing. Does everyone do this? Here’s a fun article on white wine in the Winter :

The weather, the colors, the smells and the food are all good reasons to love Fall. Pumpkin everything, bring it on! Windows are open, bugs are dying, fires are burning, and Halloween is wickedly on its way! My son in law works for a large landscaping company and in an enews letter, he received instructions on how to make ornamental grass into angry minions. Unfortunately, the directions called for spraying the grass with Crylon purple paint. We try to be good to the environment when we can, so my hubby came up with the idea of having ecofriendly striping paint tinted purple.? The grass turned out great and our grandsons were tickled purple ?

We are currently kicking it into high gear, preparing for the Uno 5k Day of the Dead Race in Pilsen, IL on November 4th. The Carrera de los Muertos was created in 2007 by joining community vibrancy and the tradition of the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos revelry with UNO?s commitment to family wellness and active lifestyles. The two came together to give runners/walkers this race, one of Chicago?s most lively and colorful! We sponsored this event last year and we had a blast. To honor the tradition of the Uno 5k, we will be making 5k Rose Wine Sangria! I like a good buzz, but last year the bees were awful, and I was stung. Those sons of bitches were trying to sip our Sangria! In other news, yippey! I’m no longer allergic to bee stings! It is such a relief 🙂 I’ll take bees over mosquitoes and gnats any day!

Fall is the best time to walk or run. The air is crisp and cool in the morning and the mosquitoes are dying off. Get out and enjoy these fall colors! Come on out for the Uno 5k! The costumes, the music and the people make this an amazing event. Hopefully Sausage King will be there again, because that shit is amazeballs. Spoiler alert, we will be filming footage for a video, so if you ever wanted your 5 seconds of fame, come on by!

Post your favorite Sangria recipe in the comments section for a chance to win a 5k wine performance t-shirt! Winners will be picked by whether or not their recipe includes 5k wine 🙂

Being Grapeful,


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