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Chi Town Marathon 10/13/19

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Nothing raises money for charity like a marathon. Well, maybe something else does a comparable job, but you gotta admit it’s pretty damn cool that so many people are willing to practically kill themselves by running these things, and they collect a shit ton for charity to boot! Or to gym shoe!

The weather has turned in Chicagoland and we just had a hot flash like nobody’s bizness. Covertly fall is settling in, which is great news for our marathoners! Somehow, we went from 87 degrees to 64 degrees in a matter of days! Woot woot! No one wants people to drop like flies during the marathon. It looks messy, like a ticker tape parade 🙂

One must wonder what Bobbi Gibb and Katherine Switzer think about today’s marathoners. I remember reading that Katherine ran in nursing shoes, wtf. I couldn’t run one on a motorcycle, let alone wearing a pair of nurse clogs?? So, why is everyone always trying to make me feel like a pansy? My ancestors lived on dirt floors without a/c. I have my a/c on until the ice forms on the outside of my windows. Look at shoes today, they are pretty crazy, chips to collect data, antimicrobial, weatherproof, no-tie, and you can open a bottle of sparking with the heel. Just kidding about the last one…or was I?

I’ve read that some runners don’t listen to music while they’re completing their marathon. I can’t imagine that. My head would start going in 80 different directions and before you know it, I would be running into police blockades, seriously. Everyone knows the usual suspects for running songs but here’s a little ditty that I love. I saw Cake perform at Ravinia last summer and it was sublime. No, it was really Cake. JFOF 🙂

Go the Distance!! A great song to run to!

If you are running, treat yourself to a bottle of marathon. If you have a friend, family member, your zoomba instructor, massage therapist, or dental hygienist (wink wink) that’s running, stop being so selfish and treat them to a great bottle of sparkling.

The Bobbi Gibb Marathon Sculpture Project

Lastly, Congrats Bobbi 50 looks good on you! It’s Bobbi’s 50th anniversary of being the first woman to complete the Boston Marathon. To commemorate this profound achievement, she is working on a bronze sculpture of a female runner, that will adorn the route for the Boston Marathon. Learn more about it here! For every bottle of Marathon sold till years end, Grateful Grapes will donate $2 a bottle towards Bobbi’s Marathon Sculpture Project.

Being Grapeful

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