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A Few Pearls for Spring

Easter Sunday started out super sweet 60 and sunny. From there, the temp dropped 15 degrees and it poured. Living in the Midwest sure has it perks, no scenery, no oceans?ok, admittedly it?s not that great here, but the seasons are as magnificent as they are exasperating. When the sun shines and the weather is good, you best get your tails outdoors! Otherwise, if you hesitate?the moment can be lost.

There are a lot of things that can be done during less than ideal weather: laundry, painting, cleaning, napping and checking Facebook. Let?s all try super hard this Spring, to take full advantage of those blue sky, marshmallow puff cloud days, and save our indoor list for the drearies.

Whether you run, walk, crawl or hop, fresh air and sunshine can?be the cure for all that ails you.

A few pearls for spring:

Gnats are on the lose already, watch for the clouds.

Sunscreen: Even on cloudy days, don?t forget about the front and back of your neck, lips and ears.

Shoe dryers are your friends,

Waterproof cell phones… finally!

If you let a pile of wet running gear get stinky, throw some white vinegar into your washer. But your best bet is to strip prison style right in your laundry room, and get it over with.

Now it?s time to burn off those cheesy scalloped potatoes so get out there and get active!

Happy Spring!

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