Be Grateful. Do Good. Grateful Grapes Wine Company’s mission is to Be “Grapeful”, by giving back through sponsoring charity driven, small community events, and donating 5% of all profits to local small charities.

Finally, our season has begun! Even though our Winter here in Chicago was mild, we still broke a 25-year-old record with 8 consecutive days of no sun!! Yikes!
This weekend we will be at the March4Meg 5k in Evergreen Park. This event was started by Meg’s mom when Meg died from Melanoma, leaving 4 young children behind. Melanoma is the deadliest of all cancers. Melanoma deaths have steadily increased for the past 30 years. But with early detection there’s a 90% survival rate!

Grateful Grapes Wine Company’s first recipient of our giving back 5% is Jen and Marty Martello, who lost both a sister (Natalie) and a brother (Gary) within a year, leaving Jen and Marty to care for their 3 nephews and 1 niece. Gary Martello died from Melanoma.

The mission of March4Meg is to fight melanoma by increasing awareness, offering educational programs and raising funds for the melanoma program at Advocate Christ Medical Center through the Meg Moonan Endowment. In addition, financial resources will be utilized for other melanoma related causes, including but not limited to sun safety education and other melanoma prevention programs, as well as financial support to melanoma patients and their families.

Please check out the March4Meg website HERE.

Grateful Grapes

March4meg Grateful grapes

Our Wines

5k and 10k wines are made by 4th generation winemakers, who practice sustainable farming. Beneficial insects are used for pest control, and for the majority of these wines, watering is only required once a year. From start to finish, these wines are in it to win it.

Varietals are the spice of life!

Running Our Mouths

Best Wine Events To Attend This Winter!

As you know, here at 5k Wine we love our events! Especially ones that include wine! Here are some events that will help you keep your mind off the cold weather.   Annual Junk Food & Wine Pairing at Volo Wine Bar January 17th, 2016 Located at: Volo Restaurant Wine Bar, Chicago, IL Website: Annual Junk Food & Wine Pairing 5th Annual Harvest Wine & Beer Tasting January 22nd. 2016 Located at: The Smith on Lake, Chicago, IL Website: 5th Annual Harvest Wine & Beer Tasting Whiskey Wine & Moonshine […]

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Let us start from the top.  You lose a reported 10% of heat from your head, so it is important to keep it covered.  Wear a hat of synthetic, wicking material.  Also remember that wind increases the effects of the cold, if it’s near-freezing use a face mask or scarf to cover your neck and face.  In addition, protect your skin from windburn and frostbite by using a sweat-resistant moisturizer such as BodyGlide, or Kiehl’s All-Sport Non-Freeze Face Protector. Dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer, when starting your […]

5k Wine Launch Party Highlights

They came, they saw, they drank… and a great time was had by all! Thanks so much to our uber hot pourers, gate keepers and helpful elves. Warehouse 109 was a dream to work with and the space is ridic. French Cakes did our graperunner proud and All Pied Up and No Place to Go’s wine infused pies were to good to be thrown! My Chef catering rocked the appetizers and they really complimented our 5k wine. Groove Experience laid down the perfect sound backdrop to our event. Johnny Knight […]

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New Fitness Trackers Might Be Too Smart!

No one has invented a fitness/wine tracker yet, but here are a few of the newer fitness trackers worth looking into. First though, there is a service called Lumoid, which allows you to try out 5 different trackers for 2 weeks for only $25. The fee is waived if you buy one of them. This is genius! How many pedometers have you bought over the years, only to wear them for a week then try and pawn them off on some sucker at your garage sale? Whether you’re a noob […]

Quotes that help you combine your love for Running and Wine

I recently participated in a 5k event with a wine theme. This event wasn’t charity driven or timed, so it was what I consider to be a “Fun Run.” The event offered some sweet swag and I especially liked the T-shirts. Here were some of my favs. Will Run for Wine NOVINOPHOBIA: The Fear of Running out of Wine Wine Keeps Me Running Run Now Wine Later Running and Wine- Cheaper then Therapy Running Out for Wine is My Cardio Is there wine at the finish line? I run because […]

Best wine events to attend this fall in the Chicagoland area!

Here is a list of the best wine events to attend this fall in the Chicagoland area. At 5k Wines we love events, especially events that involve wine. 5k wine represents great tasting wine, a healthy lifestyle, and community. So here’s a little Happy Fall, from us to you! We hope to see you all there! Chicago Food and Wine Festival August 28th – 30th Located at: Lincoln Park, IL Website: Motor Row Craft Beer & Wine Fest September 5th -6th Located at: On Wabash Ave between 16th and 18th […]

Welcome to Piperfield!

Hi there! Wow, I feel like every day I see a new wine label hitting the shelves. They are so clever and cute…I want them all. Part of me wants to horde them like artwork. I had a beer can collection as a kid, then moved on to matchbooks. Really, what were my parents thinking?? I had two brown paper grocery bags in my closet loaded with matchbooks and no one was concerned with it being a fire hazard. I’ll have to check, but I’m pretty sure the collection was […]