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5% of all profits from 5k wine and Marathon sparkling are donated to charity!

A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to participate in the SuperManny Mission 5k Run/Walk event in Romeoville, IL. Watching a community come together to support a local family, really resonated with me. I loved everything about it, and it inspired me to convince my dear friend to Dawn to produce wine in the honor of  the“5k.” Thanks to the wonderful Ehler family and their mad wine making skillz, our dream has been turned into our reality or shall we say “scareality!” It’s scary and exciting.

Grateful Grapes Wine Company’s mission is to Be “Grapeful”, by giving back through sponsoring charity driven, small community events, and donating 5% of all profits to local small charities. We value the role of community in the betterment of society and the greater good.

Many families, and friends of the victims of illness or tragedy, find comfort in starting a small charity. Our support of that effort, will enable those affected to truly make a difference.

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